Bihar Came Alive on SXC Campus

To celebrate Bihar Divas, a programme on “Glimpses of Bihar” was organized in St. Xavier’s College and St. Xavier’s College of Management and Technology on 20th March 2015.

The entire campus reverberated to the sound of laughter and merriment as the staff and students got together to bring alive Bihar and its culture and tradition.

The programme began with the introduction on Bihar Divas by Rajeev from BBE Part I.

A group song “Hamara Bihar” was performed by Prachi, Shreya, Alok and Boney. Abhas and group regaled everyone with their mimicry and singing while Pooja Shree’s rendition of a Chath Song recreated the image of our major festival right in front of everybody’s eyes. Amarjeet from BCA II sang a Bhojpuri song on the importance of education. More colours were introduced by Anamika and group who came dressed in fancy folk costumes of Bihar.

A PowerPoint presentation was made by Ravi of BCA department on the theme of the programme: Glimpses of Bihar.

Ahilya & Aayush (B Com professional 2nd Year), Pankhuri and Himadri (B Com (Hons.) 2nd Year) demonstrated the art of Madhubani painting and it was a treat to watch them bring the qualities alive with the vibrant colours that they used.

Faculty member Mr. Rajeev Ranjan sang the (Kali Stuti) and a song from Vidyapati.

The principal of the college Fr. Dr. T. Nishaant, SJ in his address to the students said that the true Bihari is one who works for the progress of Bihar and said he was proud to be one.

The Litti Chokha stalls were a big hit and everybody enjoyed their “health food” from Bihar.

The rich culture of Bihar came alive on the college campus and made everyone feel proud to be a Bihari.

The programme was anchored by Anural and Shristi from BBA-II.

Special thanks to the Academic Committee of the college, Mrs. Kalpana Kumari (the chair) and the members Mr. Joel D’cruz and Mr. Chandan and the staff and students who took part with much enthusiasm and energy.