Ravi Bharati Prepares Media Professionals for Tomorrow

These days a group of 60 girls from Patna Women’s College are at Ravi Bharati getting trained in the techniques of Radio production. As the mushrooming of FM radio channels is a media trend of the present time, these girls have ample opportunities in store after they complete their training. Besides theoretical knowledge, the trainees also are introduced to various practical sides of radio production. Opportunities are provided to the trainees on hand on experience of simple computer based recording, on more developed recording machines, and even experience of recording their own programs in the recording studio. Well accompanied practical sessions are the highlight of the training with special attention given to individual learning. Each trainee gets the opportunity to prepare a program by herself. The training is coordinated by Mr. Frank Krishner, a well known independent media practitioner in the town. Some of our former students are working in different radio stations in the town.