“No Religion Teaches Violence”, says Prof. Ram Punyani

Prof. Ram Punyani addressed the staff and students of St. Xavier’s College and St. Xavier’s College of Management and Technology on 18th March 2015 in the college campus.

Writer, communal harmony volunteer, public speaker, doctor, teacher and a medical researcher, professor Ram Punyani addressed the management, staff and students in the college campus and kept everyone spellbound by the depth of knowledge and understanding of world events. Professor Punyani who has been travelling extensively to different parts of the country spreading the message of peace and unity through lectures, publications, workshops and meetings in the address strained on the fact that religion teaches us tolerance. “None of the religion teaches us violence”, says Prof. Punyani. He further spoke on how religion should be a bridge and not a boundary. In his interactive session he cited wonderful examples from history, religion and society which underlined the basic unity and the thread that bind us together. He also answered some very relevant questions asked by the students.

The programme was anchored by Nilesh Lazlie Raymond under the guidance of Ms. Neerja Lal, the Co-ordinator of Mass Communication Department.