Women's Day Celebrations

With a view of propagating and promoting the traditionally rich Indian culinary gifts of women, St Xaviers College and St Xaviers College of Management and Technology, Digha Ghat, Patna celebrated the International Women’s Day (8th March) on Friday 7th March 2014 with a Salad Decoration Competition entitled, ‘Chef of the Day’.

About 60 amateur chefs-in-the-making, both girls and boys in teams of 4, will be concocted varied salads to celebrate women. Within a short time frame of just 50 minutes the teams had to toss up a tasty, decorative masterpiece, bearing in mind taste buds, neatness, originality, colour combinations and overall presentation. Dr Marie, Mr Rakesh and Mr Anurag (members of the Awareness Committee) under the guidance of Dr (Sr) Mudita RSCJ organized the event. Principal of the college Fr. Dr. T. Nishant, Vice-Principal Fr. Dr. Sushil Bilung, Dr. Fr. Raymond Cerubim, S.J., Sr. Dr. Mudita Soddar, Dr. Marie D’cruze and Mr. Anurag and Mr. Rakesh Pathak were the Judges of the events. The winners were:
1st : Group 3 (Ahilya, Atul, Vishal, and Uday of B.Com (P) I year)
2nd : Group 8 (Priyanka Shalini, Sanjeevni, and Vishakha of B.A. II Year)
3rd : Group 9 (Anand Kumar Deepak Panday, Shampy of B.Com II, and B Shivangini Chari of B.A II)