Students from North America Share their Experience of Discovering India

Two students, Ms. Andrea and Ms. Tania, who came to Taru Mitra, Digha Ghat, Patna for their six-month long internship from Mexico and Ecuador shared, with the students of St. Xavier's College of Management and Technology, their experiences of discovering India, through a power point presentation. They are students of Development and Engineering, a four year course in Zamorano University, North America. They travelled to the districts of Palakkad and Eranakualm in Kerala as part of their internship. They were thoroughly shocked by the monoculture of rubber plantation there. In Bihar, they spent a fortnight in Gaunaha, a remote viallge in West Champaran. They said that the best part of their stay in Bihar was their interaction in Gaunaha. Answering the question of Himanshu Deo of BBE Part I regarding similarities between Mexico and India, Ms. Andrea said that much change is needed in the attitude of people towards environment and that the change can be brought about by the youth. While interacting with the students, Ms. Tania mentioned that the system of education in India seems to be more theoretical whereas their system is oriented towards developing skills.

Avinash Kumar Singh of BBA Part II anchored the programme. Fr. Robert Athickal, SJ, the Director-Founder of Taru Mitra, Fr. T. Nishaant, SJ, the Principal of the College and faculty members were present for the programme.