Children’s Day Celebration AT Manthan

Children’s Day Celebration: The November month was a hectic day for Manthan organization as we were engaged in multiple activities. This year too Manthan organized children’s day in cluster level on 14, 15, 18 November– in Palanga, Gonpura and Khagaul respectively (which includes three blocks) in the villages itself. We conducted six games for the children for an hour. The winners were given prizes. Consolation prizes were also given to the children. The local Headmaster was invited for this programme and his presence encouraged the students. Almost all the centers (50 out of 58) participated in these celebrations. The teachers’ contribution to this celebration was tremendous. We acknowledge their hard work and commitment in bringing their children for this celebration. The children enjoyed being together and participating in various games. They had a good time during this celebration. This celebration impressed the parents of the children and had a great impact on children themselves as well as on the village people.