Capacity building Programs Conducted at Manthan

Capacity building of our Teachers: Training of our teachers is the need of the hour as the world is progressing in high speed. Keeping the aims and objectives of our projects we conducted two days training programme on 12th and 13th of November for our newly recruited teachers (15 of them) to run the centers in a better way. The teachers at large were happy with the programme and many appreciated it. Besides this training programme a special training programme was conducted on 20th of November for the HRC teachers to motivate them to work in the centers. The first session was conducted by Fr. Anand Kerketta, the director of Manthan, on Government schemes and their loopholes. He also presented to the participants the goals of Manthan and emphasized that all of them should work towards achieving these goals. The second session was on Maslow theory “Hierarchy of Motivation or Self Actualization”. In this session Fr. John Ravi emphasized the importance of motivation in life to achieve the desired goals, especially in our centers. Mr. Amrit emphasized the role of a teacher in today’s world and imparted the knowledge of working together to achieve their goal.

Kishorie Training Programme: As part of the Caritas India program and in line with the objectives of Manthan, we organized a one day training program for the ‘kishories’ (adolescent) of west zone on 21st of November 2013. We invited a resource person from KHFH, Sr. Sophie, who focused on the health hazards and other related issues on women. The rural adolescent girls gained the knowledge through audio-visual sessions. The overall impact is that the children were happy about this program and are ready to share the acquired knowledge to others.

Mata Samiti Programme: A special training programme for the Mata Samiti of west zone was conducted on November 27, 2013. 63 women participated in this training program. We invited a renowned resource person, Sr. Jessy SND, who emphasized to organization themselves in the village and make it a movement of women spreading to other villages. She also stressed the importance of unity and co-operation in fighting against any evils that occurs in their hamlet. She also enumerated the defects of disunity through the medium of story and chart-paper. She focused on the leadership quality of women so that they could take charge of their villages.