Manthan Succeeds in Imparting Education to the Most Backward Class of Bihar Society

Over the years Manthan has been working among the most backward class of Bihar Society, the Musahars, for their empowerment through education. The Hostel, which is run for the Musahars, and the Human Resource Centers run in Musahar villages, aim at imparting knowledge to the children. In the span of three years, 61 boys and girls have appeared for the Board Exam. Out of which 50 children have passed 10th standard. It is a great achievement for Manthan organization. We acknowledge all the previous directors of Manthan (Frs. Philip Manthra, Anto Joseph, Louis Prakash) for their tireless effort they put in for the education of these children. We invited all these children on 24th of November 2013 for a get together in which we imparted the idea of unity and cooperation among themselves. There were around 34 students present during the get-together and others could not as they are pursuing their further studies. There is energy and enthusiasm in the present Manthan team to enhance their collective development and they agreed to meet regularly every month. We are happy to know that these children, especially the girls, are still continuing their studies. The idea of child marriage is slowly vanishing in Musahar communities. At last Manthan rejoices over their children’s performance in education.