Celebration of Good Friday to Mark the Self-Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross

About 4000 people of the Catholic Community in Kurji, Patna participated in the Way of the Cross to express their faith and devotion to the Lord Jesus. Jesus, the Son of God came into the world with the message of peace and love. He taught the world a new way of being. Those who could not accept his ways considered him to be a threat to their authority and so did all that was at their powers to get rid of him.

On Holy Thursday, about 3500 faithful participated in the celebrations. Fr. Johnson, S.J. was the main celebrant who washed the feet of twelve representatives of the community in a symbolic remembrance of the Lord's commandment. Throughout the night faithful from the area kept vigil and adored the Blessed Sacrament in the church.

On Good Friday, the way of the Cross was held at 6:30 a.m. It was different from all the other ordinary day Way of the Cross prayers. Each of the stations of the Way of the Cross was enacted on the stage and then prayers were recited. This sort of celebrations was held in the Gandhi Maidan over the years up until 2005. This is the second time in a row we have it held this way in Kurji. Mr. Victor Francis played the role of Jesus and directed the enactments. Mr. Charles Sylvester and Mr. Sunil Kumar played the role of thugs. Ms. Rekha played the role of Mother Mary and Ms. Mary Vijay played the role of Veronica. The whole team consisted of nine men, eight women and four children. Most of the faithful burst into tears watching the enactment. The way of the Cross reminds the faithful how much the Lord suffered for humanity. Each station of the Cross depicts the various events that happened with Jesus on his way before he died on the Cross on mount Calvary.

The rest of the services of the Good Friday was held at 3.30 in the afternoon. About 3500 faithful participated in the evening services. Fr. Sushil Sah, S.J. was the main celebrant. During this service the passage that contains the account of the events that followed Last Supper until the death and burial of Jesus was read from the Holy Bible. The Cross is exposed and venerated by the faithful. The Good Friday and the Holy Saturday are the two days of the year when the Holy Eucharist is not celebrated. After the services, the faithful continued to venerate Cross.