Empowering Girls at Bodh Gaya

Education and empowerment is one of the major objectives of Patna Jesuit Society. We believe that through education we can bring in change in the social lives of the people who are otherwise kept far away from the main education system of Indian society. In the caste equation of Bihar society, Musahars are the most backward caste group. Patna Jesuit Society has taken a preferential option to work with this group of people in view of empowering them and bringing them to the main stream society. In one of the centers of Patna Jesuit Society, Jeevan Sangham-Bodh Gaya, we have 20 Musahar girl children-first time learners in a long term residential programme. They would write metric this year, a great achievement for them indeed. They have regular karate classes, which has contributed much of their confidence building. They have received several awards, all the way up to the state level. A small attempt in empowering!!