Inter-Religious Friends Foundation with Jesuits of Jeevan Sangham as members organized a platform where His HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA addressed more than 5000 youth in Kalachakra Ground, Bodhgaya, Bihar on the theme “THE SECRETS OF A HAPPY AND SUCCESFULL LIFE”

Youth from more than 30 educational institutions gathered there to interact with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His Holiness urged them to grow in inner peace which is essential for a happy life. He emphasized the need for practicing „Emotional Hygiene‟ along with physical hygiene to have a happy and peaceful life. He appealed to the youth to build a compassionate and peaceful world. He motivated them by saying that working with self-confidence, determination, honesty and hope will lead them to a compassionate world. Indeed it became an unforgettable experience for Each person who attended this sacred event and was illuminated by the spiritual radiation of this man of compassion and wisdom! The Inter-religious Friends‟ Association led by the Jeevan Sangham Jesuits played a key role in organising this valuable event along with its youth wing-„NEWS‟ (NEW ENLIGHTENED WORLD SOCIETY), the Vice- Chancellor of Magadh University, the Principal of Gaya College, Gaya and other well-wishers! Mr. Kumar Ravi, the DM and Ms. Garima Mallika, the SSP of Gaya extended full support. The Commissioner of Magadh Division, DIG, DM and SSP of Gaya graced the occasion.

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