The Prince of Peace

Bethlehem’s Prince of Peace sends out a message
To the leaders and elders of this day and age

Who build magnificent statues, in memory of heroes
Forgetting their own people, in hunger throes

And displace people from their land and livelihood
In the name of ‘development’, wrapped in falsehood

Divide people in the name of caste or religion
In pursuit of wanton greed, power and dominion

Whose espousal of policies, programs and ideologies
Produce conflicts and migrants, and helpless refugees

Only when you build a people, you truly build a nation
As you begin to care for the Poor, and all of Creation

Peace on Earth to all YOU women and men of good will
Let there be no place among us for any fear or ill will!

Wishing you a very memorable Christmas!

Anthony Dias sj (Bombai).

©2017 Patna Jesuit Society, Patna (India)

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