Tarumitra Hosts International Team Members of ‘FROM HOPE TO ACTION’ Initiative

Today, Tarumitra (an undertaking of Patna Jesuit Society) witnessed a historic moment as TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute) and BAE (Bancroft Arnesen Explore) initiated project ‘FROM HOPE TO ACTION’ team members visited Tarumitra and addressed the gathering at Tarumitra Bio-reserve. The team consisted of representatives from all the continents of the globe, namely Liv Arnesen (Norway), Ann Bancroft (Minnesota), Kim Smith (S. Africa), Olfat Haider (Israel), Lisa Te Heuheu (New Zeland), Marcia Guitierrez (Chhile), Cindy Hu (China) and Krushnaa Patil (Mumbai, India), the youngest Indian to climb Mount Everest. The team’s visit to Tarumitra is part of their campaign creating awareness on river Ganga amongst children. The students were engaged through participation in competitions and discussions. The team has launched the ‘Access Water Journey’, a two- month expedition along river Ganga led by two women explorers, which hopes to ignite global conversations towards a safe and abundant world, starting with clean water. They began their river journey in India from Rishikesh, Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi and reached Patna and move towards Kolkata this afternoon. It has been indeed a privilege to be part of the programme. Children from various schools of Patna and representatives of St. Xavier’s College, Patna were also present. The team tries to understand and discuss water issues and concerns to protect environment.