St. Xavier's College students join Tarumitra Delegation to Kerala

Avinash Kumar, Uday Kumar and Ankit Kumar, three students of BBA from St. Xavier’s College, Digha Ghat, Patna join the five-member delegation of Tarumitra carrying with them fifty saplings of rare and vanishing trees to the newly set up Bio-reserve in Attapady, Palakad district, Kerala.

Led by the U.N activist and a Tribal, Shweta Marandi of Patna Women's College, the delegation will join the students of Attapady on the border of Tamilnadu and Kerala to begin the plantation programs.

Avinash Kumar, Uday Kumar and Ankit Kumar, three active students of BBA from St. Xavier’s College have been busy organizing the transportation of the plants. Assisted by the coordinator of Organic Farming, Ms. Margaret Molomoo the students would travel 2800 kilometers carrying the specially selected plants from the Tarumitra Bio-reserve in Patna.

Speaking on the occasion, Shweta Marandi said that India had been one of the 12 mega biodiversity regions of the planet before the advent of the predominant monocultures of cash crops. “We rarely see more than 25 varieties of trees in any locality today” said Shweta.

“We are carrying saplings of trees like Neem, Jamun, Bauhinia, Sita Ashok (Saraca indica) Putranjiva, Kamroop (Ficus retusa, Ithi), Rudraksh etc in our collection ” said Avinash.

A Botanist and activist Dr. Joshy Cherian from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu will assist the students to identify the different plants that were indigenous to the Attapady region of Kerala.

Kerala Jesuit Fathers are setting up the Attapady Eco-reserve (ERA) in the rain shadow region of Attapady to revive the local biodiversity with the help of the 'Ooru Moopans' (Tribal Village Chiefs). The inauguration of the work is slated to begin by organizing the tribal 'Kambalam' (Agricultural Gathering) on 29 October next week. Over a thousand students would congregate on the hill top on the occasion.

The students will visit various parts of Kerala which are rich in Bio-diversity and those which are under the threat of destruction like Silent Valley.