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Pastoral Ministry was the very first ministry undertaken by Patna Jesuits after their arrival in Patna in 1921. The first few missionaries engaged themselves in this ministry in the existing pastoral centers around Patna and Bettiah. Soon they began to evangelize new communities such as Santals and Dalits in Bihar. Over a period of 90 years since then the Pastoral Ministry saw the founding and development of nearly a hundred mission centers all over Bihar under the leadership of Jesuit Pastors, assisted by diocesan pastors.

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The first Jesuits who arrived in Patna from America in 1921 began their mission work in these parishes founded by the Capuchins. Pastoral work took a new direction in 1925 when Jesuits pastors began to evangelize Santal Tribals in South Bihar and Dalits in Central Bihar since 1936. As the Santal converts swelled the Catholic fold, due to personnel crunch, the flourishing Tribal Mission of Bhagalpur was handed over to Franciscan Missionaries of the Third Order in 1938. But the pastoral ministry of the Patna Jesuits continued with renewed spirit elsewhere.



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