St. Xavier’s College creates history again.

As a matter of fact, facts come in every shape, size, variety and value. Their survival is determined not by assumption but by how inexplicable they are. This is very true with St. Xavier’s College as St. Xavier’s College, Patna adds another feather on its cap.

Like last year this year also 100% students passed their exams with flying colours. It is incredible achievement as seventy four students appeared two got distinctions; sixty eight students got first division and only four secured second division. The credit goes to B. Com students as all secured first division. In Arts only four got second division and rest all first division.

The journey started in July 2009 with B. A. & B. Com. incorporated to the curriculum of St. Xavier’s College. The Courses were affiliated to Magadh University. In 2012, BCA and BBA courses were also included which are affiliated to Aryabhatta Knowledge University.

Since the College has brought new ideas and noble thoughts not only in academic programmes but in academic administration as well. St. Xavier’s College maintains its standard through all level evaluation system. Evaluations of the faculty by the students, evaluation of the students by the faculty, and that of administrative staff, based on compassion, commitment, competency and conscience.

Parents-Teachers meetings are conducted after terminal exams and weak students are provided proper guidance. English has become most important environment of the day so special proficiency classes are conducted for all students. Students are given instruction during admission that they will be serious about EPC classes. The students are divided into A, B, C & D streams depending on their proficiency in written, spoken and reading skills.

A good language lab with special software is another advantage to the learning process of the students. The software module is that motivated students can make use of the facility of comparing, namely after hearing the masters voice. The students can record and compare. So it is a process to know mistakes and improve. This system is inducted to impact quality education.

As discipline is key to success our College is very serious on matters like regularity and punctuality. 75% of class attendance and 90% overall attendance like library hours, assignments, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, performance in the internal exams are must. One period of mentoring and foundation classes are devoted per week for overall development of students.

Special courses like Tally/Preparations for Bank P.O./CAT/MAT/XAT/CHAT, 3D animator are also organized within College working hours to make them true professionals and get exposure in required field.

The faculties are appointed through written test, Demonstration classes and Interview. The faculties are paid well once they are appointed.

The vibrant campus includes two large halls for seminars, seven lecture halls equipped with LCD projectors active students avail all, swimming pool etc. to match the requirement of the students.

The students of St. Xavier’s College never feel left out so they develop confidence in themselves, feeling of belongingness as prayers organized through public addressing system from Sarve Dharma Sambhaw Prarthanalay.

The College is committed in providing meritorious students and to ensure a career which should have a global approach.