Education Programme for Musahar Children to capacity building of the teachers. Keeping this project’s aim in our mind we wanted to enhance the capacity of the teachers to teach the children well. Manthan organized one day training programme for the teachers of the East Zone on 13th August. Fr. Anand Kerketta S.J gave the input on the social analysis to find out the reality of their status in the society. Fr. John Ravi taught the teachers of the East Zone how to make a Lesson Plan. He collected the materials from St. Xavier’s College of Education, Patna. This training helped the teachers to understand the importance of this Lesson Plan and to work hard to teach the children so that the children can grasp the lesson faster and better.

Independence Day in our Human Resource Centers (HRC):
The Manthan organization is running Eight HRC Centers in rural villages. Children in HRC Centers were eagerly waiting for this great day to perform their talents and skills to their parents and the villagers. It was an honour and privilege for these Maha Dalit (Manjhi) to celebrate Independence Day. Representative from Maha Dalit Community hoisted flag in our centers. Speeches were delivered in different centers highlighting Freedom. There was awareness among the children that they are not free yet, even though we the Indians got freedom from the Britishers. The children highlighted in their speeches that they were still not free from the clutches of politicians, Zamindars, other social high classes, etc. They pledged that in order to be free from the above mentioned forces we, the Maha Dalit (Manji) community, continue to struggle hard for our freedom.

Kishori Programme for the West Zone:
Manthan organized one day Training Programme for Musahar Kishori’s of west Zone on 20th August 2013. 41 participants from 20 centers enthusiastically participated in the training. We invited special trainers from Kurji Holy Family Hospital (KHFH). They focused on the issues related to adolescence, HIV/AIDs, Vitamin Food and Women’s reproductive organs. This training was very informative for the children. They benefited a lot and liked this programme which they felt will be good for their individual growth.