Street Theater Training at Ravi Bharati

Street theater is one of the powerful means of communicating and reflecting social issues confronting our society today. Even in a society mediated by modern media, street theater acts as the medium, which is so much close to the ordinary masses of society, especially for the vast number of people living in the rural areas of Bihar.

Ravi Bharati has been engaged in training street theater teams aimed at preparing them to be agents of communicating various social issues to these less privileged people and bring about awareness and instill motivation to fight against such social evils prevailing in society. A training of such sort was conducted at Ravi Bharati from 16-22 August, in which 65 young musahar girls and boys are given training in street theater. These children come from Khagaul, Sasaram, Danapur, and Gaya. The seven day training began with a thorough social analysis, which enabled the participants to become aware of the society we live in and the oppressing factors that keep the less privileged communities away from the rightful privileges of any human person.

After the social analysis the participants are asked to choose the most burning issue of their own societies and prepare a script based on the issue. After the skeleton of the scripts were ready, the scripts were modified and relevant songs and slogans were added to the scripts through proper guidance by the trainer. Once the scripts were finalized the teams spent time in practicing the plays and on the final day of the training the participants performed wonderful plays with heart touching messages.