Asha Deep Conducts Guest Lecture on HIV/AIDS

To enhance students’ knowledge and awareness about HIV/AIDS in order to prevent the spread of AIDS, a guest lecture was organized at Asha Deep Muzaffarpur on August 10, 2013. Sr. Sarita, SH (A sister working with AIDS patients for the last three years at Muzaffarpur) was invited as the resource person for the lecture. Center Head Rev. Fr. Jesuraj, S.J. welcomed the resource person and introduced her to the students and urged them to make the positive use of this session.

Rev. Sr. Sarita began the session in a very interactive manner by asking the students to name the sources through which one can get affected by HIV/AIDS. Some of the trainees shared some valuable insights which helped the resource person to initiate the lecture. Speaking on the occasion, Sr. Sarita said that the HIV is not transferred through hugging, touching, wearing the clothes of HIV patients or through sharing the food with HIV positive victims but only by having unprotected sexual relationship with a HIV infected person, by using unsterilized syringes and scissors, by having a blood transfusion of blood from an infected donor or in case the mother is HIV positive then the child might get affected easily by this deadly disease. Further, she asked the students not to discriminate HIV patients as untouchable in case they meet them but to treat them as a normal human being and to show them sympathy, extra care and affection.

The lecture was concluded with a question and answer session to clarify the doubts and queries raised by the students. Lastly she informed the students to create the awareness on HIV/AIDS at their localities also. To give them clarity about the disease, documentary films and a movie on AIDS were shown to make the students understand more. As a whole it was a very enriching day for the trainees here. They were very happy with the whole program and gained a lot from it.