The year 1985 was one of the first mile-stones for the Rampur Parish when their own son of the soil Fr. Gabriel Michael was ordained a priest in the Society of Jesus. Indeed 9th November 2013 was yet another glorious day in the History of Rampur parish to have the second son of the soil Fr. Michel Ekka SJ being ordained as the Second Jesuit Priest.

The ordaining Arch Bishop William D’souza SJ in his introductory statement said, “A Priest is born to be the servant of God & People“”, which reflected the theme Fr. Michael Ekka chose for the ordination celebrations, which also summed up the meaning of religious life(“Isaiah .61:1 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because the Lord has sent me, to preach good tidings to the Poor…““). The Parents of Fr. Michael Ekka migrated from Jharkhand to Rampur to the land of Bihar. Spiritually, socially and culturally they were nourished and enriched by all those Priests who gave their life to the people of Rampur. Fr. Michael was born here in the year 1973 and grew to his maturity under the loving guidance of the Priests in his Parish. He was attracted by the dedicated life of the priests and religious and with this inspiration he joined the congregation of the Society of Jesus in the year 1998 to be a priest for the people to give the Good News to the deprived and the lost ones …. May the dreams of Fr. Michael Ekka be actualized and reach to its fruition….