While Mr. Rajnath Singh, the President of Bharatiy Janata Party, held English responsible for the decline of the Indian Languages and by extension, Indian culture, St. Xavier’s College, Digha Ghat, Patna began English Proficiency Classes (EPC) on Thursday 29th August 2013 to empower young minds. Twelve efficient professors well versed in the art of teaching spoken English, charmed the collegians in batches of 30 to 35 each. Using innovative fun-filled games, multi-media and the like the staff taught the four basic skills of the English language namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. The EPC classes will be held thrice a week all the year round, especially to help students coming from vernacular medium schools and colleges. Ram Kishore Prasad, a B.Com (Professional) student remarked, “In a globalized and intricately connected world, English is inevitable. From Europe to South-East Asia, non English -speaking people are racing to gain competency in English”. Saurabh Kumar, a BBA I student said, “The English language unites the modern workplace across North, South, East and West India. Whether in higher education or job opportunities in the workplace, there is a definite disadvantage in not knowing good English”. “Literature in regional languages is mostly translated into English for a wider readership,” opined Snehalata, a BCA II student, while BBA II bright spark, Prerna Lama exclaimed, “I am fairly good in English, but I want to master the English language. Dr. (Sr.) Mudita RSCJ, the co-ordinator of the EPC classes, declared, “There is no short cut to learning any language and English is a horse language, not easy to master, but I am very optimistic and feel sure that the effort that we have put into these tutorial classes is bound to pay huge dividends and silently transform the lives of our students, turning them into assets for Patna, the state capital and in turn for the nation”.