Ravi Bharati Institute organised the Summer Music Program for the Children of the Patna Archdiocese from 18 May to 17 June 2017 with a grand presentation on the final day. This year, the programme is being jointly sponsored by the Kindermissionwerk, Patna Archdiocese, Buxar Diocese and the Patna Jesuit Society. About 44 children (17 Girls & 27 boys) from different schools and parishes of the Patna and Buxar dioceses. Mr. Sudhanshu was the Tabla Instructor and Fr. Arun Ignatius,SJ is the Vocal Music Instructor covering the Shastriye sangeet. The Holy Cross sisters helped out with Sr. Jermeena H.C. and Sr. Stella supporting the programme. Fr. Prem Lal,SJ taught lessons and conducted daily practices in singing liturgical & para-liturgical hymns and other songs.

For the past 15 to 20 years, Ravi Bharati has been trying to groom talented children from the rural areas in the art of music and singing. The core idea of conducting this month long summer music course for the children has been to make the young ones lead both parish and school choirs. Ravi Bharathi is proud that some of the students of the Summer Music Programme from Barbigha, Buxar, Koath, Piro, Shahpur, Manner Dumraon and Itarhi are working as music teachers in formal schools and some of them are also working for professional orchestra.

News prepared by Premlal Lucas,SJ

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