Story of a differently abled girl - a challenge to us

The life story of Nazarun Khatun a differently abled (physically challenged) Muslim girl who took her physical defect as a challenge and proved to the society that one could achieve what he/she wants if he/she could be determined to work towards the dream.

“I was born with one hand. All were disturbed in the family. When I grew up, they wanted me to get married early. I wanted to continue my studies because I knew that if I am a disturbance to my own family today I will be in the new family I go. I wanted to stand on my own legs. When I expressed my desire to study, all in the family scolded me”, says Nazarun as tears rolled down from her eyes.

She is a one-handed girl who came for training at Asha Deep in sales and marketing and started to work in a private company. She made lot of effort in her life and today she is teaching in a school and finding her way to fulfill her dreams. Today, she supports her family financially and her parents who were against her study feel proud of their daughter and they feel that her decision to study was right.

Her story appeared in the local page of 'Dainik Jaagran' newspaper on 15th June 2015.