Jesuit Youth Ministry in South Asia

A three day convention cum Seminar was held from November 7 to 10 November, 2014 in AICUF House, Campion School, Bhopal for the youth of the Assistancy along with the Province Youth Coordinators. Altogether 68 participants from all over the Assistancy including Sri Lanka took part. The Patna Youth commission was represented by Br. Silvainathan, Fr. Saji Mathew and Fr.Deepak.

The very theme of the Seminar being ‘Challenges and Opportunities’, the Resource persons, Fr. Louis Prakash ISI Director Bangalore, and Prof. Mr. Victor of LIBA Institute, Chennai highlighted the global scenario and contrasted nations’ development and progress and asked the youth to come forward to lead India.

Leaders with commitment and goal are the need of the hour. The moral degradation has to give place to integrity and character. Honesty, a lost and forgotten word in the corridors of power has to be reinstated.

Some of the global facts were presented and discussion and deliberations were done on each of them.

Prof. Victor said, “Youth must take interest in politics and should come forward to lead India. They must associate with honest bureaucrats and politicians and do away with dishonesty and inefficiency.”

To accomplish this mission and goal the youth of today need to be physically strong and healthy, mentally strong by regular reading and study, Emotionally balanced, morally upright, Spiritually mature, socially committed, and must cultivate the right and healthy attitude to the opposite sex.

The National Youth Commission articulated the objectives and Action plan for the coming five years. The target group being the unorganized youth was further spelt out and the growing phenomenon of the migrant youth in many of the states of India was considered a priority to be catered to.

It was also decided that one of the major programmes -The Magis programme – a fruit of the World Youth Day, Sydney, Australia should be continued in the province youth programmes.