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The 2nd edition of JAZBA, 2017 was presented by the long term residential children of READ, Bettiah ( One of the associated Social Centres of Patna Jesuit Province) in its beautiful courtyard on 24 and 25 March. Jazaba is the story of every child who undergoes training in READ. It is the story of the amazing transformation that has been experienced by each and every child who has been the part of the special human resource building programme at READ. Therefore, JAZBA, is also the expression of their deep felt joy in realizing how fortunate and privileged they are to get this unique opportunity to discover their true worth as human beings.

The underlying theme of this year’s JAZABA was ‘the STUGGLE. Our children have come to the realization that they have to struggle in each and every step of their lives, whether it is for their identity, dignity, rights or even for survival.

The first show on 24 March was exclusively for the government officials and the teachers with whom we are closely associated in this journey along with our own animators and the members of staff. The presence of about 150 guests on this cultural fest brought a great joy and encouragement to the underprivileged children. 25 March was reserved for all the religious of the Diocese of Bettiah and the parents of our children. More than a hundred religious and about 350 villagers witnessed the cultural feast performed by our children. Everyone who witnessed JAZBA was deeply moved by the content, depth, and the remarkable confidence displayed by the children. People were not just spell bound by the performance but deeply affected and challenged by it as well.

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