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Fr. Anand Kerketta Pronounced Final-Vows in the Society of Jesus

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On 13th May 2020, being invited to take Final Vows in the Society of Jesus, Fr. Anand Kerketta surrendered his whole life to God for the service of his people, especially the poor, the downtrodden, the rejected ones and the marginalized. The journey to this day had been full of ups and downs, full of graces from God, full of opportunities for growth, full of moments where he felt the presence of God vividly in the faces of the poor. And by pronouncing the Final Vows, he has opened himself to greater availability and commitment to God.

He is filled with gratitude, first of all, to God who leads him every moment of his life. He thanks and prays for his formators, teachers, companions, directors, superiors and friends who formed him to be a Jesuit and keep motivating him to remain true to his vocation. His upper most feeling is of gratefulness as the Society of Jesus accepts him with all his limitationsto be its full-fledged member; and take part in its mission.

Fr. Anand is born of Late FULGENCE KERKETTA and CARMELA BENG on 9th January 1973. He hails from Dumber Path Parish in Gumla district from Jharkhand. After his schooling, he joined the Jesuit novitiate on 1st July 1995. He was ordained on 6th January 2009 after almost 12 years of formation in Jesuit Religious Order. He completed his tertianship in 2012 from Shembagnur, Tamilnadu. He has been a Jesuit for about 25 years (counting from novitiate), when the Society of Jesus, after moulding and testing him to be worthy, invited him to take Final Vows on 13th day of May of the year 2020.

Ravibhushan Kumar, SJ
Regent at Prabhat, Sakri

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