BMC students have a tête-à-tête with the team of ‘Gutrun Gutargun’

It was a special occasion for the BMC students of St. Xavier’s College of Management and Technology as the team of an upcoming film ‘Gutrun Gutargun’ came to the college for a tête-à-tête session organised by the department. ‘Gutrun Gutargun’ is a Hindi feature film made on Sanitation, the tagline being, “It’s not a Woman issue, it’s a Human issue.” Ashmita Sharma is playing the lead role, who is also the writer and producer of the film. The film is directed by Prateek Sharma. Today, Ashmita and a senior theatre personality Ramesh Singh, visited the college to share with the students the story behind the making of the film.

The story of the film relates to such a village where the houses have no facility of toilets and there are two different laws for men and women relating to fixation of time to go to village toilet. In such a situation Uganti (lead character) has to face many problems and her husband Shambhu although he wants to help her yet cannot be helpful to her. He can’t cross the boundaries of laws. At last, Uganti herself finds solution to her problems and for that she has to face insult and humiliation many a times.

“Gutrun Gutargun is all about women empowerment and it shows the problem faced by women for sanitation in villages. It is something which is shown for the first time in India so it is necessary for everyone to watch the film especially the male audience,” said Ashmita Sharma.

Ashmita said, “Gutrun Gutargun is an inspirational and social film. For the very first time a film on such subject (sanitation) is made in India.” Being the writer of the film she shared, “writing this film was very difficult because the subject is sensitive there was a fine line and if it would have been crossed it would have turned into vulgarity. It was more difficult to write the dialogues so that it doesn’t express any double meaning. Even we have not used the word ‘Sauch’. To limit the time for natural call only for women is insensible. When my mother was young, women in the village used to get ready for going to toilet so that no one doubts and the practise is continuing till present. This is a sad fact that our society is yet to realise.”

She also shared, “The film has the complete essence of Bihar as most of the shooting of the film is done in Pandui a village in Jehanabad, Bihar and all the actors in the film are also from Bihar itself. When our crew was going to Jehanabad through train everyone was frightened that they are going to such a dangerous place but the experience in Jehanabad was amazing. The whole village used to gather while shooting and villagers treated us like a family.”

She added, "We have made this film with very low budget. We had no facilities but still we made this film possible with our creativity and innovation. We are releasing the film on 2nd September, 2016 in the Fun Regent Cinema Patna as Patna is capital of Bihar.”

This film is tax free in Bihar and has already received several International awards.