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The Funeral Mass for Fr. John J. Kenealy, S.J. was organized on Saturday, July 8, 2017 at St. Edmund Catholic Church, Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois. Fr. John J. O'Callaghan, S.J. a classmate and good friend of Fr. Jack Kenealy presided over the Eucharist; Fr. Glen Chun, S.J. ( Socius, UMI Province), Fr. Paul J. Faulstich, S.J.( DEL), Fr. John W. McGivern ( Pastor of the local parish) and Fr. K.P. Dominic, S.J. were the concelebrants. Prior to the Funeral Mass, there was a wake conducted for an hour and at that time videos on Jack Kenealy were screened and people got a chance to watch certain mission works and history of Patna Jesuit Province and how Fr. Jack Kenealy had been well associated with those great works. The congregation comprised of Jack's sole surviving sister, Mary Del Vecchio, the nieces of Jack Kenealy and many high school classmates, family friends and relatives. A well deserving tribute to Jack was paid by the presence and participation of Patna friends; Chris Raj Peri, Gracy Raj and Chinnu Luke. It was an inspiring, true homage and farewell given to the veteran American missionary, Fr. Jack Kenealy. Fr. John O'Callaghan made the ceremony very personal and appealing to the people gathered. He took a lot of trouble to make the funeral service very meaningful with his narration of experiences with Jack Kenealy. In his own words, "Jack Kenealy lived so well and died so easily". This sentence summarises everything. The prayers of the faithful prepared by Jack' s sister, Mary Del Vecchio, were very apt and in a nutshell spoke of Jack Kenealy's life and works in Patna. Fr. Paul Faulstich, S.J. read out the eulogy which was written by Fr. Susai Raj, S.J. The relatives and family members expressed their sadness on the point that Fr. Jack Kenealy died in Chicago, whereas he should have died in his mission field and in the presence of his own people whom he served whole of his life time. Absolutely, God has his own plan for a person's birth through death, that was the sentiments of every one gathered for the funeral service. And, Fr. Jack Kenealy's cremains would be transported to Patna for burial over there. A special word of appreciation and gratitude to Fr. Glen Chun, S.J., Socius to the Provincial of USA Midwest Province, for making all the necessary arrangements for the funeral. At XTTI, Patna Jesuits organised a memorial of Fr. Kenealy. Many people, participated in the same. Fr. Advo. K.M. Joseph shared the homily along with others. It was heartening to see many children whom he supported being present with their families present.

K.P. Dominic, SJ ( from Cincinnati, US)

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