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Empowerment of Musahar Community by Jeevan Sangham

One of the focused interventions of Patna Jesuit Society (PJS) has been creating a pool of conscientised human capital within the most excluded communities, especially Musahars (also known as Bhuiya-Bhoktas) in Bodh Gaya where PJS has a centre called Jeevan Sangham, which is also a centre for Dialogue of action.

Adolescent Girls in general and Bhuia-Bhokta girls in particular are subjected to various abuses. Most girls in this community are married off at an early age, such as 12-16. The Jesuits through its organization Jeevan Sangham, Bodhgaya is working for the empowerment of Musahar community.

Jeevan Sangham runs several Supplementary Education Centers in Barachatti Block for the Bhuiya-Bhokta Community. SEC is a centre where the children continue going to school but have facilitated study for 2.30 hours a day. Sasastra Sima Bal (SSB)’s have their camps in this area. They visited a few centers run by Jeevan Sangham, namely Pathalgadi, Sundarsahi, Pankaria and Latkutta.As part of their programme called “Bharat Bhraman”, they have selected four Mushar children (Sumita, Babita, Arti, Basanti) from the centre of Latkutta in Barachatti block. They are on a tour of different states in India sponsored by the home ministry of India. At the end children from different places will gather in Delhi. In Delhi they will participate in the foundation day parade of SSB and will be performing in the cultural show. They will have an opportunity to meet the President of India and interact with him.

These children have been attending time to time leadership programme organized by Jeevan Sangham. They have also training in martial arts and other talents.

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