Fr. Chandy Moolayil, S.J. (PAT) 73/53

Died in Patna on 23 Dec. 2010

Born: Anickad, Kerala on 24 August. 1937
Entered: Hazaribag on 20 June, 1957
Ordained: Pune on 12 February 1974

Fr. Chandy liked to work behind the scenes, but very efficiently. As he lived, so did he die. Most of Chandy’s priestly life was spent in administration or teaching. He taught for one year at Ara, four years at St. Michael’s, one year at the parish school in Muzaffarpur, ten years at St. Xavier’s in Patna, one year in Behror, and four years in Dhanbad. Then, in 2000 he was recalled to Patna as minister at X.T.T. I. After six years there, he was assigned to the research centre community, X.I.S.R. as minister and treasurer. He died rather suddenly of a massive heart attack. Though he had been taking medication for his heart, no one thought it was so serious. Typically, Chandy never complained of his health. He always had a smile and a friendly word, when he often dropped in to St. Xavier’s on business.

Chandy was very well liked as the moderator of the alumni of St. Xavier’s for ten years. The interesting thing about him was that he would plan the annual alumni reunion with great care and efficiency, but would never sit on the stage with the other officials. He would quietly stay at the back of the hall, and mingle with the old boys when the formalities of the meeting were over. This work he did while carrying on as vice principal and teacher. As vice principal, Chandy always knew the trouble spots and the trouble makers, even when everyone else was in the dark. And he would deal with them quietly and without fuss.

In short, Chandy was a good Jesuit and devoted to his work, whatever that might be. He will be missed, and fondly remembered by all of us who knew him. He left us rather suddenly, but he will not be forgotten quickly. May his soul rest in peace, as he now leaves discipline problems to St. Peter.

- Jerry Drinane, S.J.

(All members of Patna Province should offer one Mass for the repose of his soul, and XISR Community two)

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