Died at Xavier Bhawan, Patna, India, on 07 August 2020

Born : 10-05-1942
Entered the SJ : 01-07-1963
Ordained : 03.05.1976
Final Vows : 05.11.1982
Formation & Studies:
Novitiate & Juniorate : XTTI, Patna, 1963-65 & 1965-66
Graduation: St. Xavier’s, Ranchi, 1966-69
Regency: Darbanga, 1969-70, St. Xavier’s, Patna,1972-73
Philosophy: Pontifical Athenaeum, Pune, 1970-72
Theology: Vidyajyoti, Delhi, 1973-77
Ordination: St. Aloysius, Mangalore, 03.05.1976
Tertianship: St. Stanislaus, Sitagarha; 1979-1980
Final Vows: Ara, 05.11.1982 & B.Ed. Studies: Jamshedpur, 1983
Apostolic Assignments as a Priest:
HM, Loyola Middle School, Chuhari, 1977-79
HM, Catholic Middle School, Ara, 1980-1989
Teacher/Vice Principal, K R. Sch,Bettiah,1989-97
Vice Principal, St. Xavier’s, Patna, 1998-2004
Staff, Sanjivan Niwas, Patna, 2006- June
Teacher & Retired to XTTI, October, 2006
Moved to Xavier Bhawan, Dec, 2017

Fr. Isidore Pinto was born in 1942 at Maryneer House, Hosabettu, in Mangalore Diocese, as the youngest of the nine children of Late Raymond and Magdalene. He was the youngest and much-loved person of the family. After his schooling, propelled by the desire to become a priest, he joined Gonzaga House, the apostolic school, while doing his high school and PUC from St. Aloysius in Mangalore. He joined the Society of Jesus in 1963 in Patna Province. After completing his graduation in Ranchi and studies in philosophy and theology in Pune and Delhi respectively, he was ordained a priest in 1976 in Mangalore. Following his tertianship in Sitagarha in 1979-80, he pronounced his final vows in 1982 in Ara. He completed his B.Ed. from Loyola College of Education, Jamshedpur in 1983.

Fr. Pinto was a soft spoken, simple, sincere and dedicated person, who spent his entire apostolic life in the education ministry serving as the Head Master of the Middle Schools in Chuhari and Ara, Vice Principal of K.R., Bettiah and St. Xavier’s, Patna. After a brief stay at Sanjivan Niwas, the pre-novitiate, he retired to XTTI in 2006.

Fr. Isidore Pinto was a person of committed, serious, and steady character. He was faithful to his commitment to the Jesuit religious life - he was very regular with his daily Eucharist and other spiritual exercises, which was the centre and source of his life; and, he always carried out the responsibility entrusted to him to the best of his ability. Serving in different schools over a span of thirty years, in a quiet and unassuming way, he enriched the lives of the students. Beyond his teaching in the class room, his life was a witness to order and discipline, which are the corner stones of character formation in students. His rhythm of life built on simplicity of life style, perseverance in monotony and service, with no expectation of anything in return, had taught the students more than his words. He loved his students and was kind and generous to them. He was readily available to serve in any capacity and did his work whole heartedly, whether it was serving in a school or leading daily choir during the Eucharist at Xavier Bhawan. He was always neat and prompt in all he did.

As a man of faith and prayer, he was an eloquent witness of a person consecrated to God. He was committed to his religious life and devoted to priestly ministries. He loved the Society of Jesus, his companions and cherished his vocation as a priest. He didn’t keep any grudge against anybody. He was concerned about the poor and reached out to them in his own way.

Fr. Pinto struggled with health problems quietly throughout his life. He underwent a life-saving surgery for thyroid problems as a scholastic, and later as a priest, he had a heart surgery. Fr. Isidore exhibited contentment and interior peace. Conscious of his own limitations, and concerned about his failing health in later years Fr. Isidore rarely ventured out beyond the extent necessary for discharge of the specific responsibility entrusted to him.

On the 7th August, the day of his death, he joined the community for mass and meals, though he was coughing and unwell. Since he didn’t show up at his regular time for tea, one of our co-workers visited his room and found that he had passed away in his sleep. As in life, so in death, he passed away quietly, not wanting to trouble anyone. May the Heavenly Father who sees what is done in secret, reward His silent servant with eternal life! (Mt 6:4-6) May hissoul rest in peace!

[All members of the Patna Province are to offer one Mass intention for Fr. Isidore. The members of the Atmadarshan Community will offer one additional Mass intention.]

By- Fr. Selvin Xavier, SJ
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