Died in KHFH, Patna, India, on the 07 February 2020

Born: 25.08.1938
Entered: 07.01.1962
Final Vows : 02.02.1980
Died :07.02.2020
Formation & Studies
High Sch: St. George’s, Inchur, Kothamangalam, 1956
Pre Degree: Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha, 1958
Novitiate: XTTI, Patna, 1962-1964
Infirmary Training: St. Martha’s H, Bangalore; 1964
Catering Technology: Institute of Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Mumbai, 1967
Poultry Training, Patna
Regency: St. Xavier’s Sch, Patna &Chuhari, 1968-1969
Diploma in Theology: JDV, Pune, 1979
Tertianship: SH College, Shembaganur, 1978
Apostolic Assignments/
Infirmarian, XTTI, Patna, 1969-1977
Province Curia, St. Xavier’s, Patna, 1977-1983
Sub- Minister, K.R. School, Bettiah, 1984-1988
Sub-Minister, St. Xavier’s, Patna, 1988-1996
Sub-Minister, XTTI, Patna, 1997-2000
Sub-Minister, CHS, Ara, 2000-2007
Asst. Infirmarian, XTTI, Patna,2007-2017
Xavier Bhawan, Patna, 2017-2020

Br. Joseph C. Kochukunnumpuram, S.J., fondly called as K.C., was born in Inchur, Kerala as the eldest son of Mr. Chacko and Mrs. Rosamma. He had ten siblings. After completing his initial education in Kerala, K. C., joined the Patna Province in 1962. After his first vows in 1964, he did his training as an infirmarian at St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore in 1964 and in Catering Technology in Mumbai in 1967. After his regency at St. Xavier’s, Delhi and Chuarhi Mission, he served as an Infirmarian at XTTI (1969-77) and office assistant in the Province Curia (1984- 88). He was the sub-minister at K.R. School, Bettiah (1984-1988), St. Xavier’s, Patna, (1988-96), XTTI, Patna (1997-2000) and Catholic School, Ara (2000-2007). He was the Assistant Infirmarian at XTTI from 2007 till he moved to Xavier Bhawan, Patna in 2017.

K. C., as he was known among Jesuits, was a simple, calm, unassuming, disciplined and responsible person. He was a man of few words who was a faithful and committed religious. He had been exercising the healing skills as an infirmarian ever since he completed his training at St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore. He was punctual, and every day, the infirmary opened at the appointed time, without fail. During the office hours of the infirmary, K.C., was present no matter what his own health situation might have been.

As an office assistant in the Province Curia, he helped with typing letters. K.C. was meticulous and professional in typing the documents. He was dedicated to do quality work. K.C. also maintained absolute confidentiality in all administrative matters. Often, he would accompany the provincial on visitation, driving the vehicle slow and steady. There was no hesitation on his part to plunge into any action when his help was needed.

In his personal life, he was very systematic. He conscientiously kept his time for prayer, walk, recreation and relaxation. In his interaction with others he hardly criticised people within or outside the community.

He was not in the best of health for many years. He took care of his health needs with a sense of personal responsibility, and at the same time without undue fuss. In his personal and interpersonal life one could notice that he was a person of inner strength and maturity. His sense of commitment to the Jesuit way of proceeding came through in his daily life.

On 25 January 2020, he was admitted in KHFH with respiratory and kidney problems. He was critical and struggled with his diabetics. He was on and off the ventilator. He did not recover, and breathed his last at 5.30 pm on 07 February 2020. May his soul rest in peace!

All members of the Patna Province are to offer one Mass intention for Br.K.C. . The members of the Atmadarshan Community will offer one additional Mass intention.
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