Died in Patna, India, on the 08th March 2019

Born: 16-04-1951               Entered the SJ: 12-01-1972
Final Vows: 21.11.1993               Died: 08.03.2019

Formation & Studies
Novitiate: XTTI, Digha Ghat, Patna, 1963-1965
Juniorate: XTTI, Patna, 1965
Accountancy, Dewar’s College, Mumbai-1966
Regency: CHS, Ara 1967-68 & XTTI, Patna 1969-73
Tertianship: St. Stanislaus, Hazaribagh, 1975

Apostolic Assignments:
Farm Incharge- K.R., Bettiah, 1975-1980
Minister, St. Xavier’s, Patna, 1980-1983
Minister, St. Xavier’s, Jaipur, 1983-1986
Minister, XTTI, Patna, 1987-1994
Farm In charge- Chuharhi, 1994-1997
Administrator, Vidya Jyoti, Delhi, 1997-2003
Administrator – BSI, Patna, 2003-2004
Administrator – CHS, Ara, 2004-2009
Minister- XTTI, Patna, 2009-2011
Guest/Kitchen–Sanjivan &Gyanodaya 2012-16
Retired/ Rest, XTTI/Xavier Bhavan, 2017-

Thomas Karukaparambil was born in 1939 in Chingavanam, Kerala. He was the youngest child of a family of three sisters and four brothers. His elder brother and three elder sisters became religious. No wonder, Tom was inspired to become a religious and joined the Patna Province of the Society of Jesus in 1963 as a coadjutor novice at XTTI, Patna. After completing his Juniorate in 1965, he obtained a certificate in Booking Keeping and Accountancy from Dewar’s College, Mumbai.

He enthusiastically took up his assignments in Catholic School, Ara and XTTI, Patna as a regent from 1967 to 1973. After completing his Tertianship in 1975, Bro. Tom pronounced his final vows in 1976 at K.R., Bettiah. He served as farm in charge in K.R., Bettiah and Chuharhi. He mostly served as an able administrator in St. Xavier’s-Patna, St. Xavier’s-Jaipur; XTTI-Patna, BSI-Patna and Catholic SchoolAra. He served also as the administrator Vidyajyoti, Delhi for six years. As he advanced in age, he served as a Guest and Kitchen In charge at Sanjivan Niwas and he moved to Gyanodaya when the juniorate was moved. He retired to XTTI in 2017 and then moved to Xavier Bhavan in December 2017.

We fondly recall Br. Tom as an affectionate, approachable, jovial brother who was committed to his mission. He was an able administrator and farm in charge in most of the bigger houses in the Province and even in our common house in Delhi. He carried out his duties without any fanfare. He was humble in nature and his life style was simple. He did everything with devotion and motherliness. We say that in the Society the Brothers are like mothers in our communities. This was true literally in the case of Br. Tom.

But more than anything else, Br. Tom was a fine human being and a devoted religious. He has been strong in body with robust health. He was a person who loved everybody who came into contact with him and was loved by all around him. He was popular with scholastics because he was very supportive of youngsters, ready to listen to them with his humorous and fun loving ways. He was generous and had great love and concern for the needs of others. He had a heart for the poor and treated the workers with compassion. He was calm in adverse situations. He was not a man to give up because of problems. He was abreast with what is happening in the Society especially in the Province. Br.

Tom died as he lived – without any complaint, ever grateful to others for the little services they rendered him. Due to a stroke, talking became cumbersome for Br. Tom. Walking and exercising his hands and legs also became difficult. He suffered much. But he never complained and became grumpy.

On 08 March, Br. Tom was taken to Kurji Holy Family Hospital for treatment following a bout of vomiting. While in emergency, he vomited again with some blood in it and had breathing problems. He was rushed to the ICU where he breathed his last in the next 10-15 minutes.

As Tom smiles from heaven, what he tells us today as a parting message is to bring some cheer and hope to the lives of others and face our helplessness and suffering without becoming bitter or grumpy and to be ever grateful to others for the little services they render to us.

- Excerpts from the funeral homily by Fr. Mathew Chemplany

All members of the Patna Province are to offer one Mass intention for Br. Tom. The members of the Atmadarshan Community will offer one additional Mass intention.
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