Died in Paramananda Hospital, Delhi on 13th December 2015.


                    Born: 12.09.1954       Entered the SJ: 02.01.1975      
                    Ordained: 26.04.1986       Final Vows: 23.04.1995

Apostolic Assignments:
           Hostel Superintendent, KR High School, Bettiah; 1987-89
           Vice-Principal, St. Xavier’s, Patna; 1989-91
           Superior, Clives Hostel, St. Joseph’s College, Trichy; 1992-1994
           Parish Priest & Headmaster, Chuhari; 1994-98
           Treasurer, Bettiah Diocese; 1998-2000
           Headmaster, Mission Middle School, Bettiah; 2000-06
           Superior & Headmaster, Raj Rajeshwar High School, Barbigha;
           Staff, Juniorate, XTTI; 2010 \ 2006-09
           Parish Priest, Phulwari Shariff; 2010-
           Province Coordinator for Youth Ministry; 2000-02; 2012-

Fr. Deepak was an affectionate person, an endearing companion, dedicated priest and a joyful Jesuit. He was zealous for the good of others. He was outgoing and sociable. He was generous in his personal and apostolic life; was never attached to materials things or personal comfort. All these and many other positive human qualities flowed from his deep faith in God, his love for the Church and the Society of Jesus. That Deepak had a personal love relationship with the Lord Jesus was evident to anyone who met with Deepak. It would be no exaggeration to say that it was this love for Jesus that defined and nourished Deepak in his personal and apostolic life.

Fr. Deepak was a multifaceted person: He was an educator, pastor, youth animator and vocation promoter; but, he was always available for any work that the superiors asked of him. He had a special talent for dealing with the youth – he loved them, cared for them and was always striving to build their lives on strong faith and sound economic foundations. He was a great promoter of vocations; one of the last organized activities in which Deepak played an important role was the ‘mission tour’ of Bihar of a group of 14 Altar Boys of his home-parish (St. Joseph’s Church, Mira Road, Mumbai) accompanied by 2 parishioners in early October 2015. Deepak took them around many institutions in Patna, many parishes and other apostolic centres, etc. so that they would be attracted and enthused to serve the Lord in His people.

Prior to 26 October 2015 there was no indication of Fr. Deepak having any heart ailment; at 10 pm that day he suffered a heart attack, was rushed to Kurji Holy Family Hospital, Patna from where he was taken to Ruben Memorial Hospital, Patliputra. An emergency angioplasty was done immediately to clear one block. The second angioplasty, which was scheduled for 1 Dec was postponed for his more favourable health condition. On 9 Dec he was taken to Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre, Delhi; necessary tests were done on 11-12 Dec and he was scheduled to meet the doctor at on 14 Dec. On 13 Dec Sunday Deepak had his supper along with others in St. Xavier's, Delhi and watched TV for a while. When he retired to his room, he felt uneasy and called Fr. Johnson Kelakath, SJ (who had accompanied him to Delhi) for help. With the help of other Fathers in St. Xavier's, Deepak was rushed to Paramananda Hospital (closest to St. Xavier's) and in the Emergency section of Paramananda Hospital, in spite of the best efforts of the doctors, Deepak passed away.

Deepak’s unexpected demise at the prime of his apostolic life is a great loss of a precious member and much service to the people. But, even in his (humanly speaking) ‘untimely’ death, Deepak has strengthened the Jesuit legacy of joyful service in the Lord. May Jesus whom Fr. Deepak served with so much love and devotion all his life welcome him into Eternal Glory.

Thank you Deepak for the warm heart and a charming smile which you always exuded. We will miss you much … Intercede for us … Bye till we meet on the other side …

(All members of Patna Province should offer one Mass for the repose of his soul and members of XTTI community two Masses)

Funeral Eucharist at 10.30 am on 16th December 2015 in XTTI chapel, followed by burial in XTTI cemetery.

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