A team (Ms. Africa and Laura) from MANOS UNIDAS, one of the partners of Patna Jesuit Society visited the Educational Programme for Musahar children in Danapur block initiated by MANTHAN (a social centre and a unit of PJS). The team interacted with children from the Musahar community, met women who are members of the ‘Mata Samitis’ and interacted with the staff team at Manthan.

It was a special and meaningful time together. The team was accompanied by the Development Office members, Tony Pendanath, SJ (Renowned Social Activist from Madhubani) and Anand Kerketta, SJ (Director, Manthan). Through a special educational support programme, over 1200 Musahar children receive quality complementary education in 30 Musahar hamlets of Bihar. The team also had a meeting with Fr. Jose Vadassery, SJ, the President of Patna Jesuit Society. PJS appreciates the continued partnership with MANOS UNIDAS and its support to the cause of the education of Musahar children.

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