Demise of a True Spiritual Guide: Fr. Roman Lewicki

Patna Jesuit Society lost one of its missionaries and an epitome of spiritual guidance, Fr. Roman Lewicki on February 25, 2016. Fr. Lewicki was a gem of a human person and a valiant soldier of Christ. He was loving, gentle, kind-hearted, cheerful and full of hope. He encountered physical and spiritual difficulties with faith and courage and helped others to do so. In his childhood his right hand withered due to polio. The debility meant near impossibility of a religious and priestly vocation. But Roman Jr. encountered it with stoic courage and determination. He wanted to be a Jesuit and a missionary in India. After joining the Jesuit Novitiate Milford, Ohio in 1952 he came to India after Philosophy, in 1959.

For nearly five decades (1968-2016) Fr. Roman was engaged in the ministry of spiritual guidance. He guided innumerable young Jesuit scholastics (in XTTI-Patna, De Nobili-Pune and Vidyajyoti-Delhi), and priests and religious of several dioceses and congregations as well as some lay people. The Lord called His ‘pure instrument’ for Eternal Reward at 10.40 pm on 25 Feb ’16.

May his soul rest in peace!