Christmas Milan at Aurangabad

The Birth Anniversary of Christ (Christmas) was a visible reality of spreading the message of His Love, Peace, Joy, Justice and Fraternity in humanity. We shared this experience of Christ who was born in our hearts, with the people of other faiths. Therefore, on the 25th December we had the Christmas Milan (Christmas Get-together) with the invited guests of the town namely –the government officials, the Doctors, the Advocates, well-wishers, teachers and some parents of our school children. It was an organized programme which consisted an inter-faith sharing and the Christmas Carols. At the outset the Principal, Fr. Richard D’Souza welcomed the gathering and spoke about the importance of coming together as ‘People of Good –Will’. The sharing was inspiring and strengthening of the faith of three major religious leaders who spoke on the basic values of their religion. The key points of their sharing was on Love, Peace, Joy, Justice, Brotherhood and Unity. It is in the diversity of cultures and faiths that we are united as human beings of good-will. God who is good makes us to be good for ourselves and for others. God works and continues to incarnate in the world through people of good-will. Therefore, we become the images of God who continue to spread the message of God’s love, peace, joy, justice and unity. Fr. Sumit Edwin Menezes gave an inspiring message of Christmas in which he focused on the importance of being human and living out the values of Christ who is born in the image of the poor and the needy. The Hindu Priest spoke on the importance of being human, with references from Geeta, and how all need to care for each other in this world. The Muslim Priest talked about the need to stand for human fraternity and justice. As a whole, it was an inspiring and uniting factor for the people of different faiths to come together and share the common good for the humanity.