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Book on Environment in Bihar Released

A comprehensive book dealing with all aspects of Bihar’s environment was released, Sept 19, 2017, by environment expect Dr. Bihari Singh, former HOD, Deptt of Environment Studies, A. N. College, Patna.

The research based book entitled, Bihar k Paryavaran: Dasha aur Disha , (Environment in Bihar: Condition and Direction) authored by Dr. Jose Kalapura, SJ and Mr. Niraj Kumar was jointly published by Xavier Institute of Social Research and Janaki Prakashan, Patna.

The book release was held at Gandhi Museum, Patna. The function was attended by some 50 participants.

Commenting on the assets of this book, Guest of Honour, and Director or Tarumitra, Fr. Robert Athickal said, the book will greatly help spread environmental awareness among school and college students.

The book in 232 pages has six chapters. Ch-1 (description of the environment in India), Ch-2 (description of the environment in Bihar), Ch-3 (Vegetation in Bihar: Agriculture, trees, medicinal plants, flowers, fruits, animals, fishes, birds, bird fair, botanical gardens, etc), Ch-4 (Challenges to environment in Bihar, pollution..)Ch-5 (Ways of protecting environment) and Ch-6 (Initiatives by NGO (Tarumitra, Eco-Task Force, A. N. College Centre, and Prativesh). The book contains a detailed thematic index.

The book is intended as a source book for general information about all aspects of the environment in Bihar. The book will be useful for school and college students, those preparing for competitive examinations.

This is the 38th publication of XISR

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