Archbishop Emeritus Benedict J. Osta, SJ died on 30th January 2014

His Grace Archbishop (Emeritus) Benedict J. Osta, SJ died at Kurji Holy Family Hospital on 30th January 2014 and the funeral Eucharist was held at Kurji parish on 1st February 2014 and funeral services at XTTI cemetery thereafter. After serving the Patna diocese for 19 years as Bishop and the Patna Archdiocese for 8 years as Archbishop his Grace was retired to the infirmary at XTTI and spent his time in prayer and relaxation. Love for the church and the people of God were the characteristic traits of His Grace. Being a good orator and writer, His Grace could communicate the Gospel messages to the people in a simple yet powerful way.

Through his leadership and administrative skills he built the Church of Bihar and contributed much to the growth and development of the State by promoting educational and health services in the rural areas and made these affordable for the Dalits and other marginalized and poor/ weaker sections of the society. This true shepherd of his people has now entered into the glory of his Master.