A Report on Alumni cum Parents Meet

A Report on Alumni cum Parents Meet Asha Deep Community College organized its alumni reunion for the first time on the March 21, 2016 at Asha Deep campus. There were around five hundred former students, both boys and girls, who gathered along with the parents of the present batch (18th batch) students numbering 138 both boys and girls.

The District Magistrate (DM) of Muzaffarpur Mr. Dharmendra Singh was invited to address the students. In his address Mr. Dharmendra Singh said that training the youth and enabling them to be self dependant is a very important and a noble task. While praising and expressing his gratitude to Asha Deep for what it stands for, he ensured his support and cooperation and urged the Director to avail the schemes of the government to further enhance and ensure better future of the unemployed youth.

The other invited guests were Dr. Mamta Rani, the principal of MDDM college- one of the renowned writers and an educationists, Rajkumari Devi, affectionately called ‘Kisaan Chaachi’, a self-acquired agriculture expert, Dr. Sanjay Pankaj, a renowned writer and a poet, Mr. Kaushik, the president of Rotary Club, Muzaffarpur and Senior Journalist and Mr. Devi Prasad Mahapatra, representative from DB Tech, Delhi.

Dr. Mamta Rani in her address said that failure is not the end but is the beginning to new opportunities and avenues and Asha Deep is such an institute that opens up a new horizon to the students to march ahead. Kisan Chachi eloquently spoke emphasizing on the point “work in itself doesn’t make anyone inferior or superior but the way you look at it makes you feel so.” So she urged the youth to have right attitude towards work and do it with great devotion and dedication. Mr. Sanjay Pankaj said that if any youth is wandering around and indulging in inhuman activities then it is the responsibility of the society at large to bring them back and Asha Deep is doing the work of bringing back and giving direction to the directionless youth; and Mr. Kaushik while addressing the gathering whole heartedly acknowledged the kind of service rendered to the unemployed youth by Asha Deep. All the above speakers encouraged and inspired both the passed out and the present students to make use of the golden opportunities that are provided by Asha Deep Community College and expressed their willingness and desires to be associated with Asha Deep Community College to contribute their share. Mr. Devi Prasad explained the vision and mission of St. Don Bosco and role played by Asha Deep in partnership with DB Tech in empowering the deserving youth.

The parents of the present batch were amazed to see their own sons and daughters on the stage dancing, acting, singing, exhibiting their various talents and managing the entire show by themselves. It was unbelievable for them to hear their sons and daughters speaking in English and to see them dressed spick and span in uniform. They looked confident and proved their worth in front of their parents that they are capable of facing the world ahead. One of the parents Mr. Sujeet Kumar, the father of Priya Kumari of 18th batch, said that he was amazed to see his daughter on the stage announcing, that too in English and he sighed saying “the life of my daughter is made by acquiring the necessary skill from Asha Deep and she is prepared to go to any part of the world.”

Alumni from diverse fields and services who had passed out from Asha Deep participated in the first Alumni reunion at Asha Deep Community College campus and cherished their togetherness and refreshed and re-lived their past memories.

The Director of Asha Deep Community College Fr. Jesuraj, SJ addressed the former students separately after the parents meeting. In his address he pointed out, in general, that the alumni association is the most important aspect of any institute. It speaks volumes about the quality of education and formation received from that institute. After the students complete their education, they begin their journey in the highly competitive world. Many of them attribute a lot to the kind of education, grooming, opportunities, co-curricular activities and facilities provided by their alma mater. Many students like to come back to their alma mater that has been a very important part of their memory. They like to give back to their alma mater by giving their valuable time. They feel obliged to the institute that opened new avenues for them. Alumni are also an important part of an institution's growth and advancement. He stressed the mission, aims and objectives of the Alumni reunion of Asha Deep Community College in particular, emphasizing on the need to create the bonds of friendship and strengthening the network of the past students. He recollected very vividly the challenges he went through while initiating the process of this community college and the struggles of first few batches. His emotional and heart breaking sharing created the ambience for the ex-students to share their own experiences without any inhibition.

One of the former students among those who shared was Manjay from the 1st batch consisting of 90 students. He joined Asha Deep Community College on 12th December 2010. He said that after undergoing the training he took up his first job in Suhant international hotel Dharbhanga. He worked there for three months and was paid Rs. 3000 per month. Then he moved to Ranchi through the influence of one of his colleagues and worked in hotel Chanakya PNR for three years and drew salary about Rs. 4000 and the salary went up to Rs.5500. Then he came to Patna and worked in hotel Maharaja for six months, he was paid Rs. 6500. From here he went back to his own home town Dharbhanga and started working in hotel Jaykay a newly opened hotel where he earns about 17,000 per month. He concluded saying that now he is able to meet his needs and the needs of his parents and siblings making them all happy. He was so grateful to Fr. Jesuraj SJ, who looked after him like his own parent during his stay at Asha Deep.

In their sharing the former students highlighted their self-dependency, self-confidence and the urge within to reach out to the needy as Asha Deep has been generous to them and taught them to be generous. These moments were indeed nostalgic which brought tears to the eyes of some students.

At the end of the meeting the Director asked the old students to take initiative to organize such a program once annually to keep in touch with each other and share their joys and sorrows so that they can be support to each other. Six of them took up the responsibility of arranging the next alumni meet. This day, 21st March 2016, indeed, will go down in the history of Asha Deep Community College as it witnessed hundreds of its past students gathered under one umbrella tracing their origin to Asha Deep to reunite them. Of course this day was a grand success as the day was marked with lots of colourful cultural items in which the students both past and present came out with their creative and thought provoking presentations; thanks to Sch. Felix Marshal for constantly guiding the trainees along with the staff for this mega event. Fr. Albert made sure that the programs are well prepared, rehearsed and presented and also looked into all the minute details of the whole program. The curtain was drawn by Fr. Joseph Pulickal SJ, who proposed a vote of thanks adding his own personal note and appreciation to all those invited guests, speakers and all who toiled to make this day a grand success. The meeting was concluded with a sumptuous lunch, the credit goes again to Fr. Joseph Pulickal SJ, who with the help of hospitality trainer and trainees fed the multitude with great generosity.