Ashadeep (A Unit of Patna Jesuit Society), a centre for job placement oriented skill enhancement training for the unorganized rural youth (dalits, tribals, backward classes, women and minorities) has begun its three-month long training for the 22nd batch on 30 January 2017.

Asha Deep was started with a view to help the rural unorganized youth in skill development for employment. The full fledged programme for skilling the youth began on 12th of December 2010 with 90 students in the 1st batch with a support through Don Bosco Society which had the program going in about 270 places all over India. So far Asha Deep has trained over 2800 unemployed youth in 21 batches in market driven trades and placed them in reputed companies with the salary ranging between Rs. 6,000 and 25,000.

The trainees who come here are basically from the most marginalized and vulnerable communities. These youth are often drop outs from schooling and some of them have not even gone to the schools. Many of them due to the inability to go through any training and poor financial situations, are not able to get jobs. These are the youth who are looking for an opening to carry on with their goal in their lives and achieve it in their life. Ashadeep believes in true empowerment of the youth!

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