Patna Jesuit Society through its nine social work centres is engaged with empowerment of the Bhuiya-Musahar Community. A team of youngsters from the Musahar community under the leadership of Fr. Sumit Edwin, SJ (renowned social worker and specialised in Musahar culture) visited Gehlour in Gaya district of Bihar (India), the native place of Dasarath Manjhi, the Mountain Man who being motivated by the love of his wife ( who died in 1959) and inspired by the service mindedness to many, carved a huge mountain to reduce a 70 km distance to just one kilometre in a span of over 22 (1960-1982) years. Often people compare this to the Taj Mahal built by the emperor Shahjahan. Dasarath Manjhi died on 17 Aug, 2007. There are documentaries and a feature film on ‘Mountain Man’.

80 youth from over 15 Musahar villages of Aurangabad district where Sampurna Vikas Samiti (through Lok Kalyan Kendra) spent an afternoon in Ghalore where Dasarath manjhi chiselled the mountain to convert into a road. The group interacted with Bhagirath Manjhi, the son of Dasarath Manjhi (in the group photo) at the memorial monument. At the background is seen the road that Dasarath Manjhi carved out.

For all belonging to the Musahar community, it was a great inspiration. They vowed to support their community through various empowerment engagements. The next day the youth had a day with His Holiness Dalai Lama at Bod Gaya.

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